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NetVizor - Network Keylogger

NetVizor NetVizor is the latest in powerful network key logging surveillance. Monitor your entire network from one centralized location! NetVizor allows you to track workstations and individual users that may use multiple PC's on a network.

Combined with real-time remote surveillance and individual user monitoring, NetVizor is the most comprehensive network monitoring and administration solution available! NetVizor allows you to centrally monitor and control machines on your network from one location.

Remote realtime administration, monitoring, and tracking of users on a network has never been easier!

Key Features:

  • Logs Keystrokes typed
  • Logs Website Visits
  • Logs Applications Ran
  • Logs Internet Connections Made
  • Logs Files and Documents Viewed
  • Logs Chat Conversations
  • Logs Windows opened
  • Logs Email Activity
  • Realtime Remote Monitoring
  • Realtime Remote Control
  • Browse File Systems
  • Built-In Content Filtering
  • Roving User Tracking
  • Remote Computer Viewer
  • Remote Security Auditing
  • Disables Spyware Detectors
  • Stealth Network Install!

Remote Administration Features:
NetVizor has built in remote administration features that allow the administrator to remotely control remote workstations. NetVizor allows for remote workstation security auditing, remote application and windows management, file system browsing, system lockdowns, and more!

  • Remote System Security Auditing
    Perform a security audit on network workstations - NetVizor can audit the remote workstations password and user policies, as well as improper registry settings, file shares, and trojan/virus infections. Registry audits can be fixed remotely as well via the NetVizor web interface.
  • Remote File System Navigation and Management
    Browse and navigate the entire file system of the remote PC. The NetVizor remote file system browsing feature allows you to download, delete, and launch remote files - all through your web-browser!
  • Remote System Lockdown Control
    Lock and unlock the remote desktop from your web-browser! This allows you to keep users out of the remote PC, without ever having to be present at the PC!
  • Remote Application/Task Management and Viewing
    View all running applications on the remote PC in a convenient listing on your web-browser. Control and manage tasks by closing them with a single click!
  • Remote Open Windows Management and Viewing
    View all open Windows on the remote PC's desktop. Close the open windows with a single click! Now you can control what Windows the remote user can see!
  • Remote System Mouse Freeze Control
    Freeze and unfreeze the remote PC's mouse with a single click! Combine this feature with the Remote Lockdown command for powerful security and control of your remote PC!
  • Remote Website Launching
    Launch a website on the remote PC for the remote user to see!
  • Remote Application Launching
    Launch a program on the remote PC for the remote user to use!
  • Remote Message Display
    Display a message for the remote user to read. This allows you to send warnings, or simple messages to the remote PC!
  • Remote System Shutdown/Restart/Logoff
    Shutdown, Restart, or Logoff the remote PC from your web-browser with NetVizor!

Security and Stealth Features:
NetVizor has a large array of security and stealth features. NetVizor is undetectable under all Windows versions (it does not even show up in the task manager on any Windows platform) and can circumvent popular third-party "spyware" detectors. NetVizor has powerful lockdown and logging scheduling features, optional startup warnings, and much more.

  • Stealth-Mode
    NetVizor can run totally in stealth; that is, it is virtually undetectable to the user. NetVizor will NOT show up in the task manager under Windows - at all. NetVizor does not appear in registry and Windows startup utilities while it is running, either.
  • Log File Encryption
    NetVizor has a built in encryption option that allows you to have all your NetVizor activity logs encrypted so others cannot stumble across NetVizor's logs or read them without using NetVizor's protected log viewers.
  • Logging Time Scheduling
    configure NetVizor to monitor and record only when you want it to!
  • PC Lockdown Scheduling
    schedule NetVizor to lock your PC down when you are not around!
  • Warning Screen
    display a splash screen which alerts users they are being monitored by the NetVizor software (totally optional).
  • Password Protection
    NetVizor is password protected to prevent easy monitoring termination and option changes.
  • Active Startup
    run NetVizor already in active monitoring mode.
  • Windows Startup
    run NetVizor when Windows boots up.
  • Idle Timeout
    NetVizor will stop logging when the user is inactive for a specified amount of time, when they are active again NetVizor resumes logging.
  • AutoClear
    you can set NetVizor to clear your monitoring logs every xxx number of actions logged, or every xxx number of keystrokes entered. This provides for minimal usage of processor speed and disk space.
  • NetVizor
  • IP Allowance Configuration
    NetVizor allows you to specify a list of IP addresses that may access the NetVizor controlled remote PC. This allows you to restrict access to IP addresses within your local network, or to only certain static IP addresses!
  • Access Restriction Configuration
    NetVizor allows you to configure what remote options you can access through your web-browser. You can disable any features of your choosing!
  • Spyware Detector Disabling
    Configure NetVizor to disable popular spyware detectors that may interfere or detect NetVizor running!

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