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Net Spy Pro
#1 Rated Network Keylogger - Our Top Pick!
Net Spy Pro - **The Best Priced Network Keylogger Avaialable!** Monitor and control ALL user activity on your network in real time from your own workstation - quickly view detailed user activity logs or view multiple user screens in real time. Zoom in on problem users and filter activity, and watch keystrokes as they are typed LIVE!

NetVizor - NetVizor is network monitoring software that invisibly monitors your entire network from one central location! Track workstations and users that may use multiple PC's on your network. Deploy NetVizor from one location and record everything users do, including screenshots, keystrokes typed, program and internet usage, emails and chats, file/document usage, and much more.

Ascendant NFM Ascendant NFM - Centrally monitor all file, application, and website activity on your entire network - without any software installations. 100% undetectable! Not only can Ascendant NFM monitor and log every file event that occurs on your network, but it can also protect your sensitive data and assets by archiving copies of specified files whenever they are modified, as well as alerting you whenever a user changes or deletes any critical files on your network.